2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.241 – Dominick Domasky

  1. James M. Copeland says:

    Very interesting story. I do believe anyone can be successful…at anything. First and foremost they have to know what success is for them alone. I have been successful at many things. I tried from day one of every ambition I say myself concurring. Now, I can write, before that I couldn’t! But before that I was busily building a business of restaurant equipment and installing heating and air conditioners. I was mostly successful. I stayed in business for ten years and was making a million dollars a year when I quit. I had ten employees who were taking care of their family. That’s success!
    My writing gives me satisfaction when I do it and when I correct it. When it’s published there is satisfaction, when someone says it is good, I beam! That’s success!
    Love your blog’s Morgen!
    James M. Copeland


    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you, James. I’ve forwarded on your comment.

      I’m sure every writer (on the whole) writes for themselves but there’s nothing like feedback and of course acceptances.


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