2 thoughts on “Guest post: Baiting Your Hook by crime writer and reviewer Graham Smith

  1. Andrew Peters says:

    Graham Smith is always worth reading…a very thoughtful writer. I take his point…though I have read too many stories of late which start with bang….and then flash back…


  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Graham, enjoyed reading this and indeed there is food for thought. I guess I see my stories as scenes in a movie/television programme, and so I try and open each scene I write as if either at the start of a commerical break or the start of the programme/movie again. I try and make the reader sit up and take notice from the first words and then end a chapter with a cliff-hanger so that the reader wants to start the new chapter….I hope I make it work. I also worked in music and with recordings you do the same. With a single (album tracks are different) you need to grab the listener within so many seconds, keep his attention for another minute, then build the tension even more with the middle 8 and a change of key, bang into a memorable chorus and then leave the track on a high with the listener wanting more……easier said than done I might add. Thanks for a wonderful insight to your writing. Grand having you here. Thanks again Morgen, always a delight.


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