3 thoughts on “Guest post: Do you really want to be a writer? by Jane Wenham-Jones

  1. Diane Corriette says:

    A little bit every day and keep going no matter what. I believe those are the instructions for achieving just about anything in life. It certainly is what I tell people who want to give up because they believe their affirmations and visualization are not working.
    Loved this interview. As a new writer who has only just decided to call myself a writer I think my desire just comes from knowing I am finally doing something I have secretly (or unconsciously) wanted to do for years. Of course getting published would be fantastic. I visualize and affirm that for sure 🙂

    Thanks for the great interview Morgen and Jane 🙂

    Can I ask. Do you think going on training courses and learning how to be a writer is essential? After all you wouldn’t walk into an office and just expect to be a graphic designer or into a kitchen and expect to be a chef. When it comes to writing is nurture or nature more important…. or a bit of both and some “luck”?


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hello Diane. Thank you for commenting. I’ve passed it on to Jane.

      To answer your question – I’ve been on numerous day / evening courses, festivals and conferences over the past eight years (and run / belong to four writing groups) and find they’re not only educational but a great opportunity for meeting other authors of every level of experience and knowledge.

      I’ve done the first year of a degree course and if I had the time and money would do a full degree in creative writing but if I don’t, I won’t feel that I have missed out because of the experience I’ve gained so far.

      Whatever you go to, it’ll be something to add to your CV and mine has earned me a part-time teaching job (creative writing to local adults).

      I’d also recommend subscribing to writing magazines (if you’re in the UK, there’s Writing Magazine, Writer’s Forum, Mslexia and New Writer).

      I would say 50% of my knowledge has come from studying and 50% from writing. To-date I’ve written seven novels and 300+ short stories, so I’d recommend doing a bit of everything; events, writing, networking online (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and see what works for you.


  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Oh she knows me well. And yes, the bottom is spreading and the long lingering gazes out of the window are becoming…longer. Why does any artist create? Who knows, but the drive to keep slogging away seems unstoppable. Be it music or books….I am suffering. When I was in music my artists (and I) were often asked why we didn’t drive a Rolls Royce, why aren’t you rich, why aren’t you famous, why haven’t you this or that? Even though there were CD’s on the shelves in the stores it was/is hard to make money and success is not the size of the bank account or the credit card bill; success is having your CD in the store, on the shelves….your book in your hand, your book on a shelf. The rest is a bonus. Nice, but not the be all and end all.


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