6 thoughts on “Guest post – Book Birth: What To Do Before The Release Date by non-fiction author Kim Dalferes

  1. Jim Sellers says:

    Thanks for this blog post Kim and thanks Morgen for sharing. My newborn work (that took 10 years to gestate) is due this fall and I have started planning my social media campaign as well as working with the publisher on the publicity/book launch plans.
    Ironically I have had a writing blog for years before publishing but I killed the site when I found it was too distracting from my writing. So now I have a book and I need to get online again and talk about writing. My target audience is YA so my question to you is: do I stick to Facebook or Tumblr where they tend to live or go through the excruciating exercise of having 4 or 5 duplicate sites? I would like to NOT get back into spending more time blogging and Tweeting than writing but I would like an effective social media presence.
    Congrats Kim, many happy publishing returns.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Great to hear from you again, Jim.

      I have to say having blogged 2-3 times a day since March 2011 has done more for my guests than myself in terms of eBook sales (mine are still in double figures!) but has been great for promotion of my ‘brand’ (name) and of course I’ve made some great friends online because of it. My writing did suffer although I’ve still managed to write a short story a day since June 2012 and four novels since March 2011. I just need to do something with them now!

      My blog may be different from the norm because 90%+ is guest-related rather than all about me (even though I can talk for England, I couldn’t fill so much space!) so I would recommend having a blog with your content then appearing on other sites (including mine! – see https://morgenbailey.wordpress.com/submission-information/opportunities-on-this-blog) to promote yourself.

      If you’re starting a site from scratch, I know I’m biased but I’d recommend WordPress (I also build them for other authors) because it’s free and every time you blog, it can automatically appear on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Tumblr. You can also ‘reblog’ from other WordPress sites.


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