8 thoughts on “Guest post: Word Art: Those Pesky Throwaway Lines by Jackie Weger

  1. Michelle Hoppe says:

    Great article, Jackie. I too am guilty of leaving a throw-away sentence in an MS. I learned early on how that could turn out and made the decision to set my novels in places where I have lived or have visited in person. Of course, if it’s a fantasy novel, I get to make it all up LOL. Congrats on the new release and the ones to come!


  2. Jacqueline Hopkins-Walton says:

    Hi Morgen and Jackie. Super post, Jackie. I run into sentences like that and it does stop me and I wonder where the author got the information. I also ask myself didn’t they do their research? I like to call what I write faction instead of fiction. Though what we write is fiction, putting in real places, real culture (such as your perked coffee instead of drip coffee) makes the book more real and why I call it faction instead of fiction. Perhaps I put too much of those facts in, but I like to read about other places and if I have been their and the author got it wrong, it bugs me. I know an author in Hawaii who never goes anywhere and I asked her where she got her information and she said she reads a lot…travel magazines, etc. to get her information from.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hello Jacqueline. Great to hear from you. With the internet so free with information there really is no excuse for an author to get something wrong. That doesn’t stop if happening of course so all we can do is be confident that we’ve tried our hardest, and of course someone pointing out an error may not always be right. 🙂


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