4 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 094: The Freedom Train by Christopher Farley

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Christopher, my kind of writer and my kind of story. Really enjoyed it and thanks for the opportunity to read it Morgen. I shall seek you out on Carol’s blog where I have a short story also. Good luck in Switzerland and with your writing. What a lovely country to find inspiration and peace.


    • Christopher Farley says:

      Thank you Jane. I started having doubts after this one as I’ve yet to post a story on Morgen’s blog where someone doesn’t die…
      Switzerland is indeed beautiful and on Saturday sitting by the lake gave me another ‘Flash’ idea.

      I shall look out for yours also.


      • Jane Risdon says:

        Christopher, thanks for making contact. I often worry that I have so many people die in my stories and novels but now and again I write something completely outside of the genre and they often find their way to Morgen’s Flash Fiction or Short Stories. Enjoyed yours no end and will keep an eye out for more. I have had several on there over the past couple of years and it is well worth it and fun.


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