2 thoughts on “Review of Grammarly.com by Morgen Bailey

  1. Terry Odell says:

    I, too got the promotion request from Grammarly. I plugged in the first (unedited) chapter of the book I was currently working on. It gave me 27 grammar “errors”, NOT ONE of which was right. It took me more time to look at the messages and determine that I was right, it was wrong. I found a much more effective program called Story Edit, which I found much more helpful. I suppose if you’re writing “literary” type fiction and not genre fiction, Grammarly’s messages might be more helpful. Or, if your grammar is weak, it might help. But for me, it would slow me down more than it would help. I blogged about it (but I didn’t use the program’s name, because I didn’t think it would be appropriate. Nor did I accept their offer of payment for blogging about it.)

    Here’s my article on what I got when I used Grammarly: http://terryodell.com/terrysplace/?p=3154

    If you’re going to spend money on an editing program, I’d advise using Story Edit.


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