5 thoughts on “Guest post: The Trouble with Magic! (Establishing Rules to make your Plot Work) by Melodie Campbell

  1. Jane Lovering says:

    Wonderful post and it made a great point..I’m tired of reading ‘magic’ books where the lead character (usually the heroine, because I read Romance) just gets more and more powerful through the series. How is a reader meant to relate to a character who is practically Godlike in their abilities? Some laws and restrictions on abilities go a long, long way.
    Fabulous extract too.


    • Melodie Campbell (@MelodieCampbell) says:

      Thank you for this comment, Jane! You sure won’t find Rowena Godlike I started the first in the series, Rowena Through the Wall, as a good-natured spoof of bodice rippers. She rips her dress in every scene, and it’s become a trademark through the series, which is mean to be comedy. But even in comedy, rules are important.


  2. Alison Bruce says:

    Jane, whenever I think of godlike powers, I think of Aladdin. “Enormous power… teeny tiny living space.” There have to be limits and Melodie knows how to milk limits for every laugh.

    Nice post, Mel!


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