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Today’s online writing groups’ poetry and story exercises: 14 November 2013

Every weekday I post a set of poetry prompts on and a set of story prompts on the scriptnovel and short story blogs (and poems, script / novel extracts, stories at the weekends, when I get them). As you’ll see by the headings, you’ve missed a few but they’re listed on the relevant group’s Exercises page so you can always find them there…

Poetry Writing Exercises 224: Thursday 14th November

Here are your four poetry exercises for today. Time yourself for 15 minutes for each one, then either have a break or move on to the next one.

224 saddle 868720You can do them in any order.

  1. Keywords: more, broad, casing, audio, casting
  2. Random: whistling to someone unknown
  3. Picture: what does this inspire?
  4. Thursday Title: D Major

Have fun, and if you would like to, do paste your writing in the comment boxes below so we can see how you got on! Remember though that it counts as being published so don’t post anything that you would want to submit elsewhere (where they require unpublished material).

See below for explanations of the prompts, they do vary…

  • Sentence starts = what it says on the tin. You can use it at the beginning of the poem or include it later, and being poetry it doesn’t have to be exact – just be inspired by it.
  • Keywords = the words have to appear in the poem but can be in any order and can be lengthened (e.g. clap to clapping).
  • Single-word prompt = sometimes all it takes is one word to spawn an idea. Sometimes it easy, sometimes hard but invariably fun.
  • Mixed bag = an object, a location, a colour.
  • Picture prompts = nothing other than a picture. What does it conjure up?
  • Title = The title for your piece.
  • Haiku poem= 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables
  • Random = whatever takes my fancy!


Story Writing Exercises 228: Thursday 14th November

Here are your four story exercises for today.

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Author Spotlight no.341 – Brian Wilson

Complementing my interviews, today’s Author Spotlight, the three hundred and forty-first, is of short story author Brian Wilson. If you would like to take part in an author spotlight, take a look at author-spotlights.

brian_wilsonBrian Wilson is a New Zealand writer who has travelled around the world, and has drawn on these and New Zealand experiences to write his short stories.  His first book, ‘Moments in Time –a collection of short stories’, captures his experience of the killer earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was in a building across the road from a six-storey building which collapsed entombing the 113 occupants. This book also includes humorous and thought-provoking stories based in Australia, England, Scotland, Zambia, Thailand and Switzerland.

Bumpy RoadsIn April this year, Brian returned from China and Japan. China was the first communist country he has visited and this was not what he had expected. You can find out more about this in his new book of 35 short stories – ‘Bumpy Roads’.  This book was published September 2013, and guest writer, Rachel Coops, has written 5 of these stories.

Brian has qualifications in accountancy, management and psychology –an MA (honors). He has grown up in the city of Christchurch where he raised his own family and enjoyed recreational pursuits of writing, sport and music. In past years, he has also enjoyed tramping (hiking) in the Southern Alps of New Zealand.


And now from the author himself about ‘Bumpy Road’ his latest collection of short stories.

Moments in TimeThis book follows on from my first book, Moments in Time, 30 short stories written following the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquakes. It includes stories of post-earthquake Christchurch and the bumpy roads Christchurch people have to literally and figuratively travel down, as well as other humorous and thought-provoking stories based in other countries. Many have surprise twists.

The book also includes five stories from a guest author-Rachel Coop and you can be assured that her stories are worth reading; a young talent with a bright future.

I am a New Zealand writer who likes to travel. Countries I have visited include: Australia, Fiji, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Japan, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Zimbabwe and Zambia.  Recently I returned from China and Japan and stories based in these countries feature in my new book, Bumpy Roads.

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