7 thoughts on “Guest post: Time to Kiss and Make Up? by Dave Sivers

  1. Hywela Lyn says:

    This is such an interesting topic, Dave and Morgen. I think it should be noted though, that not all ‘eBooks’ are self-published.’ I think the Ebook revolution’ isn’t so much about the opportunities open for self publishing authors, so much as the availability of books in electronic format. I am published by an American Small Press which publishes all their novels over 65 words in both e-Book and print format. (They used to publish the eBook first followed by the print version but now they publish both versions simultaneously.)

    Many publishers in the US publish in eBook format only and I am currently looking to submit to a UK publisher who operates an ‘eBook’ first policy. (I have also reclaimed my rights for one of my US published books and self-published it in eBook format and print, so I have seen ‘both sides’ so to speak.) I think it’s wonderful that readers now have the choice to read electronically or with the ‘traditional’ paperback or hardback book, and whether traditionally or self published a good story in whichever format will always win readers as Dave’s sales and success proves.


    • Dave Sivers says:

      Hywela, thanks for your incisive comments. You are quite right to point out that most commercially published books are available in eBook form, and that the rise of commercial ‘eBook only’ publishers is yet another change in the landscape. I’m especially interested in the 65-word novels you mention! What is most exciting is that there’s room for everyone and attitudes are shifting by the day. Who knows what the discussion will look like in another year?


      • Hywela Lyn says:

        LOL – I meant 65,000 word novels of course 🙂 As you say, there is room for everyone and it is a very exciting time to be writing, there are so many opportunities opening up!


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