Post-weekend Poetry 104: Arturo Alverez by Mike Friedman

EmeraldWellsCafecoverWelcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the one hundred and fourth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by short story author and poet Michael Friedman.

Arturo Alverez (from Emerald Wells Café)

Here I lay, life reassessed
So much to digest
You keep singing about our nest
About our nest

You shared your troubles
I know what you detest,
know what you’ve expressed,
know what you like best

Here I lay, life reassessed
Is this love or are you obsessed
You keep singing about our nest
About our nest

This is life, it’s not a contest
it’s not a long test
your cares they suggest
you’re set on your quest

Is this love or are you obsessed
Now you’ve undressed
Against me you’ve pressed
Drawing circles on my chest

Here I lay thoughts in unrest
enjoying the waves at their crest
against me you’ve pressed
drawing circles on my chest


I asked Mike what prompted this piece and he said…

This poetry ran as part of a long series on Hubpages known as ‘Emerald Wells Café’. This was a recent voice, new to evenings known as ‘Speakeasy Night’. The voice is that of a young man that is not as far along the path of romance as the woman. She uses her wiles as persuasion.  There were in the neighborhood of 150 poems in twelve voices written for the series.

Thank you, Mike. I can imagine it put to music…


I ShouldHaveDiedForMyCountryMichael Friedman is an author of short stories, and some poetry.

His book titles include ‘Emerald Wells Café’. He has an unpublished work titled ‘Braids: Angel’s Field’.

Two short stories, ‘I Should Have Died for My Country’ and ‘Murder Once Done’ are dystopian tales and have been published as eBooks available on

He is the owner of Mockingbird Books which published Kylie’s Blossoms which is a children’s book by Maria Jordan.

He also contributed the illustrations. He resides in Southern California, USA.


If you’d like to submit your poem (60 lines max) for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here or a poem for critique on the Online Poetry Writing Group (link below).

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8 thoughts on “Post-weekend Poetry 104: Arturo Alverez by Mike Friedman

  1. Maria Jordan says:

    What a wonderful blog…I admit to having a clear prejudice for the skills and range of the writing from Michael Friedman’s pen, as Emerald Wells Cafe is one of my favorite all time books.

    I look forward to checking out your site, Morgen, as you clearly showcase quality creative writing.


  2. Mike says:

    Hello Maria and Hello Ruby – So good to see you both here. This may be the best from the voice of A.A. in the Emerald Wells Cafe series. I appreciate both of you.


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