4 thoughts on “Guest post: Power with a capital P (character names) by C.K. Crigger

  1. Pagadan says:

    I like Micah. Good choice for a hero. I keep a notebook for names I come across, btw. It also includes words that could enhance a story. (I write a lot of SF, and I need words and names on hand that are different.)


    • ckcrigger says:

      I keep notes of names, too. For my period stories I often scan the obituaries, for contemporary names, the roster of students on honor rolls are good. And sometimes, I just plain make up names. Put the pretty letters together and see what comes up. Fun!

      Thanks for commenting, ladies.


  2. morgenbailey says:

    Hello, ladies. Great to see you. I’ve passed on your comments. I have a small selection of first names that just won’t leave my brain: Stan, Ted, Jack, Sarah, Vera… and I want to call them … Elliott!


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