5 thoughts on “Author Spotlight no.355 – Irene Soldatos

  1. Carmen Anthony Fiore says:

    It’s an ongoing dilemma. Publishers, editors, agents, even our readers, they keep wanting us to write the same story/book in the same genre. The old pigeonhole snyndrome. With actors, it’s typecasting–basically the same thing. But we creative people sooner or later want to spread our wings and to fly off in a different direction. Some of us adventurous writers don’t want to write the twentieth mystery novel with the same lead/main character solving yet another whodunnit. We want to write that literary novel we’ve been thinking about. Ye, gads! How are we going to sell it, your agent/editor/publisher scream at you? I’ll bookend this comment with: it’s an ongoing dilemma. One answer is to go ahead and do it, damn it. Of course, you’ll have to find another publisher who publishes literary novels, or how about publishing it yourself? We writers are in a wonderful independent position these days. We can now take charge of our careers as we see it–not the gatekeepers, thanks to e-books and print self-publishing made easier for us as well. The biggest obstacle is self-marketing, which can be daunting to writers who are of the shy variety.


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