7 thoughts on “Guest post: Book Signings by Feather Schwarz Foster

  1. Yvonne Hertzberger says:

    I have done a few signings- with mixed success. My best result was a book launch that I organized myself in a separate venue. You can read my upcoming post on that on Indies Unlimited on Monday, Feb. 17th. You may pick up some tips there even for those events in bookstores.


  2. Pagadan says:

    I’ve done a few signings–by myself at a local store where I sold mostly to friends except for a couple other books that I took along–and at multi-author signings. Hey, you can trade books!


  3. morgenbailey says:

    Hello Harliqueen, Yvonne, Pagadan. I’ve been to a few signings but with only eBooks, I’ve not done any myself. I plan to rectify that with a paperback of my chick-lit this year (just need to find the time!) and I think that even if I don’t sell very many (it’s based in my hometown so that should help), it would be great fun meeting people.


  4. Carmen Anthony Fiore says:

    I’ve done enough bookstore signings to know the author was on target about them. They are only for the gregarious authors only. The shy types will find them uncomfortable and probably a negative waste of his/her time. The best place to sell books is to do presentations of your book and you as the writer to groups interested in books and writers. No competition, if it’s a solo effort. Just tell the back story to how you created your book and the attendees will love it. Works every time I tried it. If you’re interesting, the audience will feel assured your book will be interestign too and best of all, actually buy a copy that you willingly autograph for free, of course. One more thing, bring somebody to handle the money part, you the author just do the schmoozing and the autographing. Trying to do both gets too confusing and awkward.


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