12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 124: Sentience, a love story by Paula Friedman

  1. authorpaulafriedman says:

    Thank you so very much, Susan Kerr Shawn!
    Morgen Bailey, I just read your “how to create an ebook” page—wow and incredible! This has exactly, and superbly arranged, the information one needs to . . . create ebook. And you are giving us this information, and there are people who charge hundreds of dollars and don’t give 1/10th as much information on this, nor anywhere near as well written and clearly presented. Thank you.


  2. David Mark says:

    Wonderful! I generally don’t go for science fiction, but this was a challenging fantasy– to create a setting, introduce characters, set the scene (with all of the details), create conflict, and leave the resolution unresolved in a short space is clearly the work of a Master. Well done!


  3. Jane Risdon says:

    Wonderful story and characters. Not a Sci-fi fan or one who reads love stories normally, but I really enjoyed this and wanted to follow to the end. Congrats on your awards too. Thanks Morgen and thanks Paula, really well written.


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