11 thoughts on “Guest post: What’s happening to the Book Buying Market? by Jean Henry Mead

  1. Pagadan says:

    I have one audiobook, Sugar Time, out. My first audiobook, an anthology–but my story, Pretty Pink Planet, was the cover story–is “out of print.” I do want more, but the cost gives me pause.


    • jeanhenrymead says:

      Thank you, Harliqueen. Audiobooks are so versatle that you can listen to them anywhere, even while you’re in the bathtub. And with Audible.com’s Whispersync, you’re able to listen and read at the same time on a Kindle Fire. Children love audios.


  2. Carmen Anthony Fiore says:

    I’m involved with Amazon’s Kindle Direct program and I have to admit I’m not enamored with their propensity to offer so many free titles on their lists. Also, I hate their return policy for e-books, which I think is ridiculous, trying to operate e-book marketing as if they’re print books.


    • jeanhenrymead says:

      I’m afraid that I have to agree with you, Carmen. I’ve stopped offering my books for free and am convinced that myriad former buyers now only download the freebies. I think audio books will eventaully faze out ebooks unless they’re combined in the Whispersync program.


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