3 thoughts on “My Day at Get Writing 2014 by Morgen Bailey

  1. John Cowton says:

    Hello Morgen, I too attended my 5th successive VWC Get Writing event. My badge number was 105. I too had a 5 minute pitch with Emlyn Rees, (good choice). This year there seemed to be a very noticeable drop in attendance. I don’t understand why this should be, because the panels, workshops, pitching sessions were up to the usual high standard, and well worth every penny I paid for my gold ticket. Perhaps it was the gold, silver and bronze banding that put some people off. All I can say is I hope writers will continue to support this 5* event and the organisers should feel proud. Any event of this standard that packs so much into one day and costs under a hundred pounds, (myGW 2014 ticket was just over half of that) is worth every penny.
    Were you the lady I saw feverishly typing away in the main auditorium. I think it must have been you, to have produced such a thorough account of the day. Thank you for that, it’s much clearer than what I managed to scribble down in my notebook.


    • morgenbailey says:

      Hello, John. Yes, that was me. Well spotted. 🙂 I had a bronze because I just wanted to listen to the talks and, although I know how lovely the lunch was, I took my own. Apparently there were issues with the lunch (in past years they didn’t have enough but presumably if attendance was down there would be plenty?). Emlyn was great, full of enthusiasm, as was Jade. They, and the talks / workshops, keep writers going in what is a hard profession to be in, but we do because we love it, don’t we.

      I attended Winchester Writers Conference in 2011 and was going to do the Saturday last year as a couple of friends of mine (Jane Wenham-Jones / Adrian Magson) were tutoring but at £180 plus petrol from Northampton, I couldn’t justify it.


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