2 thoughts on “Book review – for readers and writers – no.37: Morgen Bailey reviews Grandfather’s Uncle by Philip J McQuillan

  1. Philip McQuillan says:

    The review format here is a wonderful asset (much appreciated – I loved your take on Grandfather’s Uncle!)

    I’m not too worried if my title relates to my content specifically or not because my overarching goal is to make it into an anthology. I am accepting submissions to include in this anthology currently. I’m looking for 30 to 50 page contributions memorializing someone. The general theme issues from the realization that 2–3 generations down the line nobody will know much, if anything, about the people that were historic, enormous figures (and need I say, much loved and appreciated) in our lives. Nobody has to write about his or her grandfather’s uncle per se, that’s just the title I chose in order to illustrate a point.

    This project might turn into something a publishing house might want to paper publish in the future, and that could generate some income for all contributors, but keep in mind that the e-book I’m/we’re working on will be a free e-book for all to read – at least until the whole book is finished. Everyone that contributes can promote the hell out of the book or do nothing as they see fit – after all, it will be a free book initially.

    I don’t have any specific timetable in mind. Some people can knock out a perfect product in two weeks if they set their mind to it, others might take much longer. I know I spent many months getting thirty decent pages together myself. Once I have your fully edited and proof – read manuscript, I will make my best effort to publish the new edition— giving appropriate credit to the new contributor — within thirty days.

    The bigger question might be what determines an acceptable submission to me. I don’t want to restrict authors’ creativity but I know I have to lay down some guidelines.


    • morgenbailey says:

      You’re very welcome, Philip. I think the title should certainly reflect the content in general so unless enough people write about their grandfather’s uncle, I’m sure a new title will evolve as the book does. Good luck with it all. It sounds like a great project.


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