One thought on “Flash Fiction Friday 136: Morgen’s Story A Day May week 1

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Enjoyed this and wonder how many this could apply to in our modern world. Made me think of an aunt who went in to Woollies back in the 1950’s to buy some broken biscuits. She saw something else she wanted and picked up a paper bag to put them in once she’d finished shopping. She went to the counter and paid for her purchases and got a tap on the should on her way out. The Store Detective asked if she had anything else she wanted to pay for. She said no and was frog-marched to the Manager’s office where she was questioned. Unable to work out what she had done wrong she maintained her innocence. Eventually she was informed that she had failed to pay 1 old penny for the brown paper bag which she had tucked under her arm – having run out of fingers to hold all her shopping she had forgotten it was tucked there when she left the store. She never set foot in Woolworth’s again – such was her shame. She had no idea it was under her arm and eventually convinced the detective and manager but she felt criminalised.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful story. Good luck.


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