Writing for Emotion: Story Concept

Some wise words from Elizabeth Bergquist…

Writer Block

It is the primal attachment to the concept that makes the movie work or not” – George Lucas


If a book (or movie script, poem, or any other written work) does not connect with a reader’s emotions, the piece most often flops. Sadly, when a writer shares their idea, there is not time to delve into every moment of the reader’s roller coaster ride. That means you need to make those first emotional connections through your concept – something you should be able to share quickly with a reader or listener.

This isn’t an article about all that goes into crafting a concept but some elements are very closely tied to reader emotions – and if you miss the reader’s emotions, you miss the reader. The reader (and maybe you) will know that you’ve done it right when they have a physical, mental, and affective response to your…

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