Morgen’s Editing and Critique Service

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Although currently booked out until end-September 2014, I welcome fiction manuscripts for…

Full editing (content, copy editing & line editing): In-depth ‘firm but fair’ editing with feedback which will include grammar, punctuation, story structure, character depth / dialogue, highlighting potential copyright issues, fact checking, chapter structure / order, narrative drive… the whole shebang. This comes in the form of an edited manuscript together with separate commented document. Suitable for all writers, regardless of experience.

Charged at the competitive rate of £5 (€6.5 / US$8.5 / CA$ & AS$9.5) per 1,000 words. To work out the cost, multiply your word count by 0.005 / 0.0065 / 0.0085 / 0.0095 respectively (so a 100,000-word novel would be £500 / €650 / US$850 / CA$950 / AUS$950 respectively).

This is the type of editing I do mostly and you can read my clients’ feedback here.


Line editing: spelling, grammar, punctuation, word usage (e.g. stationery vs stationary, story vs storey), repetition, clichés, sentence construction, consistencies. Here the concentration is on sentences and paragraphs instead of pages and chapters. Suitable for more advanced writers.

Charged at £4 (€5 / US$6.5 / CA$ & AS$7.5) per 1,000 words. Multiply your word count by 0.004 / 0.005 / 0.0065 / 0.0075.


Proofreading: a human spell- and grammar-checker, concentrating on individual words rather than the context. This is the option to take if you are confident of your characters, plot, structure and layout etc. but you want someone to go through it before you submit to an agent or publisher, or self-publish.

My non-fiction writing is about writing so I concentrate on fiction but have proofread non-fiction manuscripts, some poetry and provided feedback on a number of scripts.

Charged at £3 (€4 / US$5 / CA & AS$5.50) per 1,000 words. Multiply your word count by 0.003 / 0.004 / 0.005 / 0.0055.


The above three options are carried out via Word Track Changes (click here for a video on what this means) and for more information on the different types of editing, click here. Another option is…

General feedback: no proofreading / editing, no changes to the document itself, just a typed summary report. This is useful if you’re not sure whether the story is working, your characters (or plot) are believable or you’ve not edited it yet but have sent it to beta (first-round) readers and the feedback you’ve received makes you wonder whether you want to progress it. I’ll be honest and tell you, although for most authors who have taken this option, I have seen promise with their work, they’ve just needed a steer in the right direction.

Charged at £2 (€2.50 / US$3.50 / CA & AS$4) per 1,000 words. Multiply your word count by 0.002 / 0.0025 / 0.0035 / 0.004.


Regardless of the option taken, the first 1,000 words are free  (usually returned within 48 hours), given as the ‘full’ editing service for your free sample, unless you advise otherwise. This is sent to you first and there is no obligation thereafter.

Prices valid until January 2015. Fees agreed in advance of any work undertaken, and more importantly, stuck to (payment options below).

Please note: For projects over 10,000 words, e.g. longer short stories / novels, I am currently booked until late-September 2014 (I’m also the creative writing tutor for Northamptonshire County Council Adult Learning). NB. Items, unless for free sample, to be sent complete, not in sections.

There are two formats:

  • I use Word’s track changes (see picture immediately below as generic example) as it keeps the file size small and the feedback in one place.
  • For authors without Word, and therefore the facility to use track changes, I can usually convert whatever I am sent (Open Office, rtf etc) into Word then do the track changes and save it as a PDF so you can see the changes I suggest.
track changes example

example of track changes (not by Morgen)

** First c.1,000 words offered free as a sample.**

For more details including testimonials from my clients, take a look at this blog’s Editing and Critique page.

Whatever your requirement, you can email me at

2 thoughts on “Morgen’s Editing and Critique Service

  1. Donalie says:

    You rates seem very fair, Morgen. My only concern is your UK background. How are you at editing “American” English and slang? There is a whole different set of rules and spelling for the same words.



    • morgenbailey says:

      Thank you, Donalie. About half my clients are from America or Canada and there haven’t been issues so far because I’m editing existing text rather than creating it myself. Because I offer a full edit on the first c. 1,000 words for free, if you’d like to pick a passage that would be a representation of your writing, you can see whether I would suit your style.


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