17th August 1977. I remember it well (I was 10). I was visiting an aunt the day after her birthday and two days before mine…

My Words, My World

The King was dead

our mothers crying.

I still remember

Elvis dying.

Those punk pounded days

not easily forgotten.

When Sid was Vicious

and Johnny was Rotten.

Marc Bolan, hair curly

The Metal Guru.

A passenger in his Mini

An untimely death too.

American cop series

too many, too much.

The Rockford Files, Kojak

Starsky and Hutch.

BBC’s 1 and 2

And then ITV.

Flag waving patriots, the

Queen’s silver jubilee.

All this I remember

All this and much more.

I was much younger then

when life was no chore.

Christopher Farley – 2012.

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3 thoughts on “1977

  1. Jane Risdon says:

    Goodness me, suddenly I am transported. Just got in from a visit to Windsor castle, when the news came The King was dead. Our mini had broken down on the way back and our son, aged 6 was annoyed that we nearly missed seeing Seb Coe run in the Olympics (I think). The Jubilee and a new silver ingot necklace for my wedding anniversary and my husband off on tour again. Yep, remember it well. Thanks for this…FAB 🙂


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