12 thoughts on “Guest blog: Science Fiction and Reality Today? by Robin Matchett

  1. Ian Miller says:

    I write science fiction, but I am also a scientist. With the fiction, I try to write the scientific parts with one of several possible goals, which include, showing people how scientific thinking works, how science might affect human goals, how we might create problems by misusing science, and more to the point, how we can overcome these problems, in other words, I try to write about things that will influence humanity if we do not watch ourselves, then of course, I try to bury all this in some interesting story. I have included aliens in my writing, but again, the way they behave should in general teach is something through their faults. Just my views.


    • rob says:

      there is no doubt science and our progress in it is a key ingredient in our present evolution of human behavior…and if scientific discovery promotes our awareness perhaps we can make the right choices to help us survive. I think we deem it as a moral imperative, though in nature morality doesn’t preclude survival of humans… if the universe is as full of life as we suppose it is, given its statistics, successful species would naturally take an interest in fledging ones such as ours and seek to see our survival in a much better state, as once was their own trajectory. but to interfere at this point would likely be counter-productive to our self-realization, as interference would be seen as an invasion, even a subtle one. I think their faults are our faults – its all relative.


      • Ian Miller says:

        rob, I think our population has reached a point where we are extremely dependent on science and technology because we simply cannot go back to where we were at the beginning of the 20th century. We simply could not feed ourselves. So, we are on the roller coaster, and we have to work out how to stay on long enough until we can slow down enough to step off.


  2. juliathorley says:

    Certainly the bounddaries between science fiction and science fact are thin. Watch ‘BladeRunner’ with a teenager, fori instance and he will laugh at the technology that we thought so amazing. Talk to your computer:why not? But if there really were alien visitors, don’t you think they’d take one look at us and either step in to help or put us out of our misery? Science fiction, like all fiction, needs a good story; the setting is secondary. (Anyway, how come all this alien activity is ‘happening’ in the USA? What about the rest of us?)


    • rob says:

      thank you for the comment…I agree with the idea that boundaries with sci-fi and sci-fact can be thin and greyish…the human element is another concern because of the relative difference between us and them if we are to believe or know for example that some of these people are millions of years farther down the time line. from what I gather they don’t want much to do with us in our present state – we’re rather dangerous I think. though no doubt some of us could perhaps relate on an existential basis. as far as alien activity goes it is apparent all over the world. numerous books of credible sightings and experiences are available, such as Timothy Good’s best sellers, and endorsed by a former top brass of Nato. lord hill-norton.. the Americans, however, hold some supremacy in these matters due to roswell in 1947 and other situations, and as a result have developed working relations with some of these people…let us hope they are working in our best interests!


  3. Della Bercovitch says:

    Hello Morgen,

    On behalf of Robin Matchett and Book Marketing Services, I would like to thank you for hosting Robin today on MorgEn Bailey’s Writing Blog.

    Thank you to Ian and Julia for their comments. If anyone else has any questions and/or comments they would like to share, please leave them in the comment box. Robin will be by later in the day to respond.

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