Post-weekend Poetry 125: Lady Catherine by Siana Holmes

Lady Catherine coverWelcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the one hundred and twenty-fifth poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Siana Holmes and is the opening poem from P J Flynn’s novella Lady Catherine.

Lady Catherine

Two souls combine,

An apparition introduction.

Behind the cloak and hood,

A beauty seduction.

Travelled through on a dream,

But turns true to the flesh.

A beauty locked in time,

Comes back after death.

On the prowl for a victim,

Alexander King she chooses.

Her beauty and manipulation,

Are the weapons she uses.

Visions of illusions,

Well planned out heists.

To a dagger awaiting,

A love sacrifice.

An opportunity to travel,

Back to the scene.

Of a decided life waiting,

Which all starts with a dream.


I asked Siana what prompted this piece and she said…

After the great experience of reading the book Lady Catherine by author P. J. Flynn, I was instantly inspired. I was attracted to the smooth transitioned gothic / spirit genre the author had portrayed within the pages. Being so close to my style of writing I figured it was the best place to start. I had been wanting to change direction with my writing for a while, and developing a love for the book, I reinterpreted the story into a short poem.

Thank you, Siana. Having edited Lady Catherine, I know why it inspired you.

Siana HolmesSiana Rochele Holmes is twenty-three years old. She attended stage school during her younger years which helped influence her other passion: dance. In her early adulthood, she was diagnosed with a mental illness. Using writing as her therapy, she is now living a stable life.

During her childhood, Siana grew up in England and spent any term holiday or spare time in the valleys in Wales. She thinks the beauty of the landscape is where her first inspiration for writing started.

She started writing poetry from the age of six years old and not only wrote poetry at school but as a hobby outside of school too. She became fond of writing to help as an emotional release as she grew into her teens, when facing life’s challenges. Now in her early twenties it’s not just her passion, she says, but her therapy.


If you’d like to submit your poem for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here.

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