Flash Fiction Friday no.13: ‘The Paper Doll’ by Cindy Vaskova

Being Friday 13th, I thought I’d reblog this unlucky story… back in the days when I was being more generous and accepting <1,000-word rather than 500-word stories so a longer piece today for your reading pleasure. 🙂

Morgen 'with an E' Bailey

Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday and the thirteenth piece of flash fiction in this weekly series. Today’s piece is a 996-worder, entitled ‘The Paper Doll’ by Cindy Vaskova.

There was a circus on the beach of the sea. Right on the sand, no more than five meters from the water and its waves. And it performed only at night.  For certain people, at a certain price, an entertainment one-of-a-kind, once а year for three nights. Until the dawn. There was no tent, just a few huge pillars, build deep into the sand for the performance holding the ropes for the trapeze and tightrope acts, so except for the seats and the lights, the circus was opened to the sky above.

There were magnificent acrobats, twisting their bodies, in the most amazing ways, then slowly, unwinding themselves; trapeze acts, flying high, swinging, unbelievable for the eyes of everyone watching. How…

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