10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 159: 6-word stories

  1. James Holden says:

    Reblogged this on Clerkenwell Writers Asylum and commented:
    On the last Friday of the month, Morgen Bailey asks people to send in six-word stories. This month she included a few I’d submitted in her roubd up, and you can read them – and all the others – below


  2. Mark K says:

    Jane R, great to have you on board at last. Loved your 6 workers. Don’t fret, just enjoy writing them. If I get stuck I’ve always found half a bottle of wine helps loosen things up.

    James H/ Christina. Good looking sites. Yours too, Nanny Cool. I hail from Folkestone myself (30 years ago I moved to London) so looking at your pictures of my home town brought back some good memories (and a few dodgy ones)
    Personally, I don’t have a site. How on earth do you all (especially you, Morgen) find time?

    If anyones in the London area next month, the writing group I belong to are having the Finchley Lit festival with all sorts going on. The festival is on from 20th-24th May. There’s also a writing retreat for 12th-24th June. Have a look at the site Greenacre writers blog for details.

    It was at a Greenacre Writers festival where I first met Morgen Bailey! What stroke of luck!

    Though these events may be small, in a library, in a hall, you never know quite where they may take you and who you might meet. Good looking people, not so good looking people, shy people, extroverts…. Maybe even the odd psychopath. See you there!


    • Jane Risdon says:

      Mark, thanks so much. I have done them before on here, but a while ago now, and of course I’ve done the much longer FF pieces which I have always enjoyed. Morgen is always supportive of everyone and so I like to contribute when I can. But thanks. Fab being back. 🙂 Thanks to all the rebloggers too.


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