The story parents neglect

02 Jul

For fans of historical fiction…

The characterful writer

Now available on Kindle and in paperback, Intrusion, Book 1 of this coming-of-age WWII trilogy.

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A Relative Invasion is set in 1937 to 1965. It has WW2 as a backdrop but it isn’t essentially a war story. It has a child narrator, but it isn’t written for children. I’ve attempted to reproduce in micro those very emotions which the frustrated, humiliated German nation experienced post WWI and which Hitler played upon. I’ve put them in the breast of Kenneth, an artistic, manipulative child, small for age and frail, when meeting his younger, stronger cousin. It’s this sturdy youngster, Billy, who is the innocent protagonist, suffering psychological bullying from his cousin, and physical bullying by his uncle. Intrusion starts the story as war in Europe threatens. Readers see how, in parallel, Billy’s predictable life will be threatened by Kenneth and a domestic war may begin.

The inferiority that six-year-olds can…

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