A writer’s escape

A very good friend of mine, a writer (most of them are), is soon going to have her three-bedroom detached house to herself and is considering letting out two of the rooms – a single and a double – to other writers on a day-by-day basis for writers looking to get away for a day or for longer to finish that overdue novel. It would be self-catering most likely although she will provide tea, coffee, cereal etc. so it can be a ‘home from home’ (including the family pet!).

Because I teach creative writing (locally and online), I could help make it a small retreat with organised sessions (perhaps more so in the summer) but for now, I would just be an ‘escape’.


If you were thinking of escaping (in this case to Northamptonshire, c. mid England), what would you look for?

golf 176428Her house is set in a quiet location overlooking a green and golf-course with very little traffic, usually plenty of parking and a ten-minute walk to shops and a very large park, and the obligatory plenty of pubs in the area… although far enough away not to be a nuisance at curfew time. Each bedroom has a desk, hanging space (wardrobe in the double), quality beds and nice views. The rooms don’t have en-suite facilities but a lovely bathroom (with power shower) at the end of the landing and downstairs w/c. To the back of the house is a reasonable-sized, relaxing garden with tables and chairs, and a small garden at the front.

  • How much would you pay per night for the single?
  • How much would you pay per night for the double?
  • Would you be interested in somewhere like this?
  • What else would you want included?
  • Any other comments…

Please leave a comment below. Thank you.

10 thoughts on “A writer’s escape

  1. Pagadan says:

    People would want a meal or two, I think, or a nearby restaurant, but most people would probably not want to explore; however, some might. And they’d want fairly cheap. (I would.)


  2. ttibben says:

    For a target market of impoverished writers I would look at between £20 and 30 per night per person or maybe 30 for single and 40 for double. Any more and writers could just stay in a local budget hotel when they need to lock themselves away.
    A workshop / retreat with Morgen and friends running courses or workshops .. that is a different thing entirely. It’ll never make a fortune because a house can’t hold enough visitors but that would trip into £50-70 for the days courses plus optional accommodation at the rates above.
    All those prices based on what I am happy to pay for a night away and/or a day of workshops.


  3. jwuollife says:

    What a fantastic, and quite generous idea. A lot of creative people just need the time away, to recoup.
    What about; access to books for research & grammar, e.g: dictionaries etc…or maps showing local, green spaces. Sometimes, we just need an hour in nature to find our mojo again. Maybe; info on the local library, I know some UK libraries allow temporary membership. Perhaps even brochures on local touristy spots, some writers are looking for new locales for their work.


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