Friday Flash Fiction: Creepy Cousins (13 & 130 words)

23 Oct

This week in my Plan & Write a Novel course, I set the optional homework to write a short story. We completed a consequences-type template with the following prompts:

  1. number between 100-1000
  2. first name
  3. pet’s name
  4. colour
  5. animal
  6. room in a house
  7. emotion
  8. genre

where each person writes the first prompt, folds it back (so the next person can’t see) and moves it to their neighbour, complete the next one, pass on and so on. After the eighth prompt, we passed for a final time then opened up our sheets. Whenever there are nine or more in a group (I have fourteen in mine), we won’t be getting our own prompts.

Initially I received the following… 13 words, Sophia, Tess, orange spider, attic, angry, children’s story so wrote…

Sophia and Tess were orange attic spiders. Tess was clumsy. Sophia got angry.

but then remembered that the minimum word count was 100 so I expanded the story to 130 words (adding a zero to the previous word count) and this is the result…

Creepy cousins

“One more time and I’ll…” Sophie stamped her hairy orange foot. She had eight to choose from so picked the third on the left.

spider 97622She and her cousin Tess had lived in the attic all their lives and until recently had been happy there, but as they got older, Tess got clumsier and clumsier.

There was room for them both but Sophia yearned to be free.

“You can choose your friends but not your family,” she’d heard Mr Felix say. And Sophia agreed. With just one foot unstamped, she vowed next time to escape.

When Tess bumped into her again, Sophia was about to stamp for the final time, but she was too slow. Tess had not only bumped Sophia but also table with a very large and heavy book.


Poor Sophia. Someone usually dies in my stories!

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