Results of Morgen’s 100-word competition – October 2015

competition 612589For the October competition, we had eighteen entries. You can send up to three stories per author per month and I will pick my favourite of the three for consideration. Details of this competition, the current theme (fireworks), and how to enter can be found here.

Last month, two stories were disqualified for being too short. This month one was for only being 81 words. Last month, another two submissions had nothing to do with the theme (which was ‘white’) and this month one was because it was themed on ‘white’ rather than ‘unlucky Halloween’. As mentioned above, the theme for November is fireworks.

The prizes for October (and ongoing) are:

  • First prize: winning three of his / her choice of my six online creative writing courses
  • Second prize: winning two courses of his / her choice
  • Third prize: winning one course of his / her choice
  • Up to five Highly Commended: winning my Entering Writing Competitions course (which if they have won previously can be given to a writing friend).

The first, second and third prized being published on this blog and the highly commended being listed by just author and title. So without further ado, here are the results of the October 2015 competition…

1st place: Miranda Westbrook with ‘A Trick Treat’

Halloween sweets 52121It lay there innocent, nestled among the other shiny foils of the candy bowl. It promised sweet sensation, excited giggles and energetic happiness, but that promise would be an empty one.

The painted faces stared up into the age-ravaged eyes.

“Trick or treat.”

Smooth, silk-skein fingers clamoured into the bowl, hastened treasure into their pillowcases and were gone.

The door swung close with a click. Staring into the bowl, the faintest smile erupted on his lips. It was gone, on its way to stoke disappointment. Oh, yes. One child was going to be having a very unlucky Halloween this year.


2nd place: Paul Isaac with ‘Brave’

police tape 924966I slipped away from the others under cover of the storm, running a finger along the police tape that lined the path to the door.

‘I’ve come for my sister.’

I pulled back my green hood and buffeted him over the threshold. He tried to distract me with poisonous edibles, but I pushed deeper into his lair.

Then I saw her, everywhere, she lined the walls.

I screamed my fury, but it was only one more cry against the chorus of this unhallowed night. My one chance cruelly reversed.

I spied an empty place on the mantelpiece, undoubtedly my own.


3rd place: Tobenamed with ‘Not for burning’

Cool Red Barn 987721The straw-strewn barn held the glowing pumpkins and a novel opportunity. Rumour was that our celebrity was hungry for fresh meat. I nudged away skeletons, witches and goblins, and kicked the door shut.

She swivelled to face me, frowning. I strode forward to offer my autumn fruit, a taster for the main act.

I sensed her interest rise. She took four incisive bites then her eyes travelled down towards my masterpiece.

I held it out proudly to her and pleaded,  ‘Jay Darkling, literary agent, please read it now.’

‘Ah,’ she breathed, ‘hop onto the scaffold. We have our guy.’


There were no Highly Commended this month.

Congratulations to the three placed winners, especially to Paul who was Highly Commended last month. I shall be in touch with details of your prizes.

For anyone who didn’t enter (or did), November’s competition is already open with the theme of ‘fireworks’. Details here and the results will be announced on this blog on Monday 11th December. You can enter as many competitions as you like but a maximum of three stories per month, and the first version of a story will be accepted so if you spot a mistake after pressing ‘send’ you don’t need to send a revised version because it won’t be read.


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