500-word Flash Fiction Challenge

500 coins 892242Hi. I thought I’d do something different with this one… and like the 100-word Competition, it’s free to enter!

I launched a 100-word Competition back in September 2015 and it’s taking off nicely (with over twenty entries per month to-date) and I run Flash Fiction Fridays where I invite you to send me up to 500 words on any theme, and 6-word FFFs where I invite you to send me your six-word stories (and six-word biography), but for this ‘challenge’…

I’m inviting you to give me the components of a story (listed below) and once a month (finishing on the 15th of each month), I will write a piece of flash fiction (max. 500 words) and publish it on my blog on the first Friday of the following month, mentioning who supplied the components and if I pick yours you win two of my online creative writing courses (there are six to choose from) and I’ll also pick a second-placed and third-placed who won’t have the stories written but will win one course each!


  • Keep it clean. I won’t include any swearing (although I don’t mind if I say that character swore) or overt sexuality.
  • One entry per person per month.
  • If you specify a genre, I will try and stick to that genre but I can’t promise it!
  • The copyright remains with me, Morgen Bailey, so you can’t publish the story elsewhere stating that it is your story or your creation. You may make reference to it provided that attribution reverts back to me / my blog.
  • The judge’s (my) decision is final.
  • Any entries received after the 15th (midnight UK time), will roll over to the following month.
  • First placed has the story written and two courses of their choice. Second placed wins one course of their choice.
  • No cash / alternative prizes provided or offered.
  • Hopefully that all makes sense but if not, feel free to email me.

So, complete the form on the 500-word Flash Challenge page and see what happens!

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