Book review – for readers and writers – no.144: Morgen Bailey reviews Perfect Cover by Mark McGinn

17 Feb

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Perfect Cover by Mark McGinn

Perfect coverSynopsis: Henry Peters hasn’t got much to boast about. He’s not showy, has average intelligence, and he’s definitely not a big-noter. Living in Christchurch suburbia with his wife, teaching overseas students in a private training establishment, Henry likes his students and he likes them dead, once he’s done. He used to head the science department. Not now. He sought and missed out on a promotion to deputy CEO. He feels his wife’s disappointment in him. Then a 7.1 earthquake strikes the city damaging his old work premises. Suddenly, Henry’s in the light and people need his help. But no one knows his secret and, more importantly, he needs to make sure they stay in the dark. (There is another sentence but it’s a spoiler!)

This short story is available via and etc.

Review (of the eBook via my Kindle’s text-to-speech function)

I listened to this story a couple of times (because it’s short and I was only half listening the first time) and while I enjoyed it both times, but having read the synopsis beforehand, it spoiled the experience for me because of the sentence I’ve withheld. That, and a character called Devito when I could only think of the actor Danny when listening to the story but – as the terrible phrase goes – my bad. The other names were good though (especially Bosco), and I loved the phrase ‘Knuckle-blinkered eyes’ (less so ‘repeated an exhortation for text messaging only’.

If you are interested in reading this story – I’d recommend it and it’s currently free! – then do so without reading the final line (which I’ve kept back) of the Amazon synopsis.

The writing itself was very good other than the following minor picks:

  • There were a couple of ‘started to’ where the action does happen without being interrupted so the verb could have stood on its own, e.g. ‘Her voice started to wobble’ = ‘Her voice wobbled’.
  • Repetition of ‘person’ then ‘persons’ (‘There’s some hope this person might be one of our three missing persons).
  • We have a face crumbling when only food (and old buildings, as we have in this story) crumble. Faces crump

There was also a bit too much authority and delegation for me but I loved the Henry hating rats scene.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (should be 3/5 for the author’s synopsis plot spoiler!)


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