Post-weekend Poetry 137: Coconut Oil by Rachel Baines

Welcome to Post-weekend Poetry and the one hundred and thirty-seventh poem in this series. This week’s piece is by Rachel Baines.

Coconut Oil

coconut 864277She’s the girl who you’d always run back to,

You’re the boy I’d always run back to.

She’s the girl who gave you the chills with her beauty,

You give me the chills with yours.


It’s funny how times change,

People you once loved now become strangers.

But- she’s a parasite,

Always latching onto you and taking what she can.


A symptom of a parasite is disturbed sleep,

She disturbs my sleep.

When I close my eyes I see her eyes,

Staring into yours.


One cure for a parasite is coconut oil,

But no oil or remedy will remove her.

The thought of her makes me aggravated,

Intimidated because really I’m giving her what she wants- you.


I’d like to say everything was fine until she came along,

However, she was always there.

We are smooth like foundation,

Then she comes along, our plates collide and the bumps in the road grow.


Now, I’m not one to gamble,

But I bet you’re talking to her right now.

Sorry I mean, I bet she’s talking to you,

Because we both know she can’t get enough.


I know you feel bad for her and I know you love me,

But why do you feel the need to type to x’s and give her promises I’ll make sure you won’t keep.

See, bless her, she’s having trouble moving on,

Clearly she loved you more than you loved her because you turned a page and started writing a new song.


The girl doesn’t threaten me,

I know we make each other feel new.

The only thing that makes me hurt,

Is how you aren’t letting her get over you.


You compliment, flirt and put kisses,

Just so she stays tame.

But to her you compliment, flirt and put kisses,

Because you clearly want her again.


She’s the girl who you’d always run back to,

You’re the boy I’d always run back to.

She’s the girl who gave you the chills with her beauty,

You give me the chills with yours.


One cure for a parasite is coconut oil,

You know her a lot better than me.

Maybe she’s allergic to coconuts…



I asked Rachel what prompted this piece and she said…

I went through a heart breaking experience where the love of my life continued to stay in contact with his first love. I went through dozens of mixed emotions from solitude to anger. In the latter phase, I expressed my emotion in poetry and ended up with this peace. I refer to the girl as a parasite and make links between the pain she caused me and the symptoms of a common parasite. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you, Rachel. What an emotional piece, especially knowing it’s based on your real experiences.

Rachel is a 16-year-old girl from the North East of England, with a passion for poetry. She enjoys writing poetry, seeing it as a creative outlook and a way to relieve stress. She has been writing for two years and is always excited to learn new techniques and ways of developing my skills.


If you’d like to submit your poem (60 lines max) for consideration for Post-weekend Poetry take a look here or a poem for critique on the Online Poetry Writing Group (link below).

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