10 thoughts on “Flash Fiction Friday 174: March’s 6-word stories

  1. Paul Haussman says:

    Congrsts on your new baby

    I hope it is everything thst you hoped it would be.

    I hope to join your elitist group some day.

    Songs are much easier (I’ve discovered) because I can use more emotion

    Not limited to black and white text and “rules”
    Music has variation in volume, emotional nuances and other brush strokes considered reserved for
    Non-verbal only artwork.

    Not saying that a good story cant bring on lsughter or tears…I just find ut easier to hear the whole Symphony at once…without forcing one well chosen word at a time

    Your student


    • morgenbailey says:

      Ah, thank you, Paul. Yes, very proud, and a very long (five-year, on and off) labour. 🙂 It’s spurred me on to do more and some local friends and I are forming a co-operative to promote our writing… How is yours coming along? I was wondering, and then there you appeared… like Mr Benn. 🙂


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