Microfiction challenge Burning Angel: the entries

I love micro fiction… and my 100-word competition for June (theme: close) ends today!

Jane Dougherty Writes

This second photo prompt brought a rich crop of stories, all different with references to our very diverse cultural backgrounds. Want a tour of the world of myths and beliefs? Read on.

New prompt tomorrow: same rules, same idea, new image.

Sarah from the south west with two versions of the same story. See which one you think works best.

Microfiction challenge – Burning Angel | fmme writes poems

Ken’s cautionary tale with a dramatic and sad ending.

Burning Angel – Microfiction Challenge #2 | rivrvlogr

Phylor with an avenging angel in a very real sense.

JD’s Microfiction Challenge #2 Burning Angel: Avenging Angel – Phylor’s Blog

Michael’s angel is both avenging and guardian.

Microfiction challenge #2: Burning Angel | Morpethroad

MariJo—eat your heart out John Milton!

And this great blank space is introduced by the ghost in the machine and no amount of HTLM tinkering will get rid of…

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