Harry Potter and the Cursed Child–JK Rowling, John Tiffany, and Jack Thorne

I want that mug. 🙂

A Year in the Life of a Reader


The day I began reading this long-awaited latest Harry Potter adventure, I saw an image on Twitter of a birthday gift Rowling received from her son:  a mug with an owl, below which reads Irritable Owl Syndrome and above which reads Fuck Off.  The caption read “a most hilariously inappropriate birthday gift from a son.”  Her son is 13.

Then I read the Cursed Child, which revolves around parents and teenage children and parents’ ability–and inability–to see their children for who they are rather than who they wish they themselves had been/were.  Harry Potter, who, while famous, was never quite perfect, either in school or with his friends, continues these weaknesses as an adult.  At work he prefers to act in the field rather than keep up with paperwork.  At home he strives to be the right father without having exactly experienced having a father–and having had a push/pull…

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