Microfiction challenge: Lovers

A great way to start the month… a bit of touching flash fiction.

Jane Dougherty Writes


Death comes

There was nothing they could do, nowhere else to send their prayers. She let his strong arms guide her steps home, heard them echoing against the wall of the domain. She thought briefly of the daughter of the big house and of the physicians from the town they had brought in to try to save her. It hadn’t helped, either way, she thought. The bairn had been born dead and the daughter lost too.

Their steps echoed against the stones, clomp, clomp, clomp, and the leaves rustled like the dry voices of the old ones telling their beads. The night sky was bright with stars and the air was cold. A hunting owl shrieked and she caught back the sob in her throat. He clutched her arm tight and she felt his distress through the wool of her coat. It was over.

Moonlight fell soft over the path…

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One thought on “Microfiction challenge: Lovers

  1. Fay Knowles says:

    Beautiful! I feel it could have ended nicely with just “It was over” though and insert “Moonlight fell soft over the path…” somewhere above, perhaps after the sentence that ends with “beads”. A lovely descriptive piece, with a heart wrenching theme.


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