Guest Post: ‘Second Person Viewpoint – Love it or Hate it’ by Morgen Bailey

Me talking about my favourite point of view…

Ditrie Marie Bowie

Most writers (and readers) will know the difference between, and often write in, first person (I / we) and third person(he / she / they) but second person (you) seems to be something either not heard of, not tried, or not liked. From memory, I have only interviewed one author (Stella Deleuze) whose favourite point of view is second, as it is mine.

Editors seem not to like stories in it, although I get the impression – or am I just hoping – that it’s been growing in popularity and one came second in a Writer’s Forum magazine a while back, then judged by writing friend and interviewee Sue Moorcroft.

That said, it gets tiring after a while to write and read (I’m still working my way through Jay McInerney’s Bright Lights Big City and it’s a 100-page novella!) so best suited to short stories. I…

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