FREEBIE ALERT! Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 1 (50 shorts) is FREE 5 Nov!

Volume 1FREEBIE ALERT! Hello everyone. I’m delighted that my Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 1 (50 shorts) is FREE 5 Nov!

Here there are family heirlooms, thefts, murders, kidnapping, Chelsea buns, and alien hums. We meet mothers, strange little girls, characters looking to improve themselves, and several cold feet.

Stories include: Life in the Old Dog (447 words), Strange Little Girl (425), The big black one with the space in the back (655), First impression (266), Joining the 21st Century (365), They always look at the shoes (223), Like out of space or something (173), Until Daniel (377), Too beautiful for words (356), Phonetics – A Winter’s Tale (670), Just that extra (297), The innocent brick (158), How’s your mum? (221), Our Joanie (240), Family heirlooms (227), Art theft (185), The Chelsea bun (240), An alien hum (110 one-sentence!), Scratch at the door (67), Thin enough (300), Having something in your mouth (166), Cold feet (145), Under (467), Same time tomorrow (587), Once the love’s gone (626), a prequel to my free eShort April’s Fool, Thinking big (228), Sometimes I forget (357), Funny peculiar (359), Varying degrees of German (346), Light – a guest story by my sci-fi writing friend Tony Tibbenham! (163), Raven hair flying – by Tony again (243), Getting off lightly (141), Quirky boots (60), Oh brother! (948), Double trouble (112), A woman by comparison (270), Stalemate (371), I knew a Joyce once (285), Every days (155), Weapon of choice (573), My one regret (335), Bath for two (147), Her eyes have never been bluer (176), Not even as affection (227), Just desserts (112), Carry on with the show (886), Not imaginary like Jack’s (402), Feeding the Father (658), Are you going to tell her or shall I? (347), and Not visiting day (100). Total word count: 15,994.