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FREEBIE ALERT! My Story A Day eBook 2013 (31 shorts) is free today Sunday 6 November

sadm-2013Later than planned to tell you… sorry about that but…

FREEBIE ALERT! Hello everyone. I’m delighted to share with you that my Story A Day eBook 2013 (31 shorts) is free today (this link leads to the Amazon page in your country).

Story A Day May 2013 comprises the 31 short stories and flash fictions written from daily prompts during May 2013. The stories in these collections vary in length, point of view (first, second and third) and genre. Morgen has other books available including two others in this collection.

There are new and lost relationships, homages, crimes afoot, writer’s block, characters with and without friends, humans and non-humans, scratches, squeaks and barks.

The stories are: How the Drabble came about (100 words), The Quarrymen (second-person story) (303), It’s Not You, It’s Me (279), R.I.P. Lenny ‘Shades’ Froug (544), The Thing and the Nameless Page (834), Sally never listened (588), Quiet and noisy (812), The last thing you think about (330), What cost a human life? (226), Death & Life (1,048), Dating Paradise (60), Making up the numbers (162), A win-win all round (310), The Ramshackle Writer (412), Beyond The Blue Horizon (a sci-fi story!) (770), Progress (409), Worth every penny (147), Bubble and squeak (169), Wreckage (432), Before Jessica (253), Leaving a gap (984), Human Unfriendly (295), It Wasn’t Me (831), Scratch, squeak, bark (140), All-inclusive package (558), His job depended on it (100), Eight a year (145), Billy No Mates (300), Talking when we could be walking (654), Petrified (1,250), and Plenty more fish (724). Total word count = 14,169.

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