FREEBIE! Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 5 (50 shorts) is FREE today, Friday 11 November!

11 Nov

Fifty 5pm Fictions (vol 5) smallHello everyone. I’m delighted to share with you that my Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 5 (50 shorts) is FREE today, Friday 11 November!

Here we have a passion wagon, a full moon, police escorts, tugged hearts and curved smiles. We meet a variety of dogs (including borrowed and best in show), a ghost from a half-empty bed, an American werewolf in London, a contented tree, and spouses with revenge on their mind.

The stories are: I could have cried (491 words), Even the dog is borrowed (302), Me, myself and I (895), Transparent (433), The ghost of the half-empty bed (622), Andrew would have been proud (330), Furry like a dog (698), Passion Wagon (60), All he wanted (198), Best in Show (795), Two backwards, one forwards (476), Full Moon (166), Eddie’s Fault (454), Getting to seven (204), Smile (140), Incessant Vera (194), Elimination (294), Lock jaw (29), Hold On (725), They try to with the food (670), Just getting started (60), An American Werewolf in London (710), No joke (127), A lot to learn (933), Sentimental keepsake (547), Ocean Drive (321), Police escort (619), Spice of life (238), Giving Gene Simmons a run for his money (55), Two Rows (567), Half-human (292), A Bad Feeling (300), Off by Heart (120), Hot Air (55), Write what you know (141), How hard can that b- (55), All Heart (504), Through (111), Curved into a smile (663), Tumble Turn (167 words), Bringing Work Home (87), Muddied By Misfortune (163 words), A Right Miss Marple (333), Mum Thinks It Was Me (210 words), Trust Me (391 words), Attracting Airheads (427 words), Erlina Didn’t Mind (94 words), First Day (151 words), Cleaning Up The Town (71), Holding Hands (400). Total word count: 16,998.

You can see the writing prompts that inspired this collection at


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