All five of my 50-story collection eBooks are free today / this week!

19 Nov

Hello everyone. I’m delighted that all five of my 50-story 5pm Fictions ebooks are free today / this week.

Covers montage - 5pms 1-51. My Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 1 (50 shorts and flash fictions) is FREE today, Saturday 19 Nov!

Here there are family heirlooms, thefts, murders, kidnapping, Chelsea buns, and alien hums. We meet mothers, strange little girls, characters looking to improve themselves, and several cold feet.

This book is available via

You can see the writing prompts that inspired these collections at

2. Then tomorrow, my Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 2 will be free on Monday 21st November There are criminals, victims, revenge, men in uniform, luck and misfortune, sharp edges, sticky red hands, no faded circle of skin. We meet a generous aunt, a fan of Hawaiian shirts, a modern-day Cleopatra, and a young girl with wings.

3. My Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 3 (50 shorts) will be free on Tuesday 22nd November. Here we have neighbourhood watch, chalk and fromage, a picture on a mantelpiece, a whooshing sound. We meet a daddy’s girl, a cry baby, Dad’s Army, a borrowed dog, an African grey parrot, amateur actors, and others who don’t listen, are doing their best, feel stupid, or should have knocked.

4. My Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 4 (50 shorts) will be free on Thursday 24th November. Here we have young and old love, spirited and strained relationships, local and exotic locations, and those who love or loathe shopping, circuses and those who think their life is a circus. We meet a disillusioned artist, an eight-foot tall blue alien, untidy teenagers, a fortune teller, and several dogs and dead (human) bodies.

5. My Fifty 5pm Fictions eBook Vol 5 (50 shorts) is FREE Friday 25th November.

Here we have a passion wagon, a full moon, police escorts, tugged hearts and curved smiles. We meet a variety of dogs (including borrowed and best in show), a ghost from a half-empty bed, an American werewolf in London, a contented tree, and spouses with revenge on their mind.

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