The Best Poems for Valentine’s Day

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10 classic Valentine poems

The association between Valentine’s Day and love is long-standing, and many poets have written about love and romance. But how many have written about the day itself? Are there any classic Valentine’s Day poems? The following top ten list is our pick of some of the best poetic Valentines from over six centuries of English poetry.

Geoffrey Chaucer, ‘The Parliament of Fowls’. Did Geoffrey Chaucer invent Valentine’s Day? The answer, as we’ve revealed elsewhere, is, in a way, both ‘yes’ and ‘no’; but this poem, an example of the popular medieval debate poem, certainly helped to popularise the connection between romance or love and the 14th of February. The Parlement of Foules’ was written some time in the 1380s, possibly in 1382, and features a parliament, or assembly, of birds, which have gathered together in order to choose their mates. As Chaucer’s…

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