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10 of the Best Wendy Cope Poems Everyone Should Read

10 of the Best Wendy Cope Poems Everyone Should Read

I met Wendy Cope back when my council had money to host (well-known) author events. She’s lovely and writes a new poem EVERY day… other than Christmas Day. Usually.

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Ten of the best from the masterly comic poet

Wendy Cope is one of the most acclaimed living comic poets writing in English. Since her first collection appeared in 1986, she has published a handful of popular volumes of comic verse, though she can also write ‘straight’ poetry very successfully too (as the last poem in this list testifies). Below are ten of Wendy Cope’s finest poems.

Engineers’ Corner’. Inspired by an advertisement that was placed in The Times by the Engineering Council, ‘Engineers’ Corner’ is the first poem in Cope’s first collection of poems, the 1986 volume Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis. The advert snottily asked why Britain has ‘always made more fuss of a ballad than a blueprint’, and sniffily suggested there should be an ‘Engineers’ Corner’ to complement Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey. Cope’s brilliantly witty retort is a tour de force.

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