Holding Your Nerve!

A bittersweet lesson to us all… (I’m with you, Sophie, as is my mum.) Never been an MMH fan.

Sophie E Tallis - Author/Illustrator

A great deal of success, beyond the working your ass off, talent and smattering of luck, is also down to you ‘holding your nerve’. Recognising that moment, that opportunity which could go either way, and making sure you swing the pendulum towards the ‘YES WE WANT YOU’ direction and not the ‘THANK YOU, WE’LL PASS’.

Holding your nerve is a deep breath as you plunge through the ice and hope you don’t drown kind of a moment. It catches your breath and if you play it wrong, you’ll be self-flagellating yourself for years to come, bemoaning that one last chance, that one opportunity you had but messed up.

So, that’s the precarious limbo I find myself in now, trying to swing that pendulum my way.

Shortly after my last post about possibly getting an agent, or at least having an agent interested in me, I hit an unforeseen road block in…

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3 thoughts on “Holding Your Nerve!

  1. Sophie E Tallis says:

    Ah, thank you sweetie! I know the other goal I’ve got for this year is definitely to blog more as I’d almost fallen off the radar last year and get back into the blogosphere, including catching up on friend’s blogs, including this wonderful one! 😉 #aworkinprogress


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