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Book Blogger Spotlight – Being Anne

Ooh… a book blogger you may not have discovered… til now. 🙂 Thanks, Rachel.

Rachel Dove - Author

Today I have the lovely Anne coming to chat about her blog. Welcome, Anne!
1. How long have you been a book blogger?
Do you know, I had to check – my first blog, on the Blogger platform, launched in February 2013, so just over four years. Fancy reading my first ever post? You’ll find it here – I’ve got a lot better since then, promise!
2. How old is your blog? Did you have any before?
No blog before that, but i’ve always loved reviewing the books I read. I can even remember (and it’s a long, long time ago…) keeping a notebook of reviews i did while awaiting my A-level results – George Orwell really doesn’t need to worry about his reputation. As a grown-up (forget the in-between years – I discovered boys!) I joined a few on-line book groups, reviewed on sites like Librarything and always on…

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Sunday Photo Fiction – Sibling Murder?

For fans of micro fiction…

A Mixed Bag

Every week a photo is donated to use as a prompt in writing a story with a word count of around 200. Sometimes the prompt is subtle and takes a little while to find it, but it is always there.

If you would like to have a go, then click on the Sunday Photo Fiction image, and if you want to read what others have written, then click on the frog image.


196 04 April 2nd 2017 © A Mixed Bag

Jemima Fedge felt proving her brother’s innocence was a task not easily completed. All the evidence pointed to him murdering their brother. There just happened to be someone recording the argument between the brothers with Ralph being told not to turn his back, as that was when the knife would fall.

She knew they argued a lot, even came to blows sometimes, but killing? No, none of the family had it in them to…

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