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Catharsis for the Reader (Step 4)

And the last in the series…

Writer Block

Catharsis is the expulsion, repulsion, or purification of toxins and impurities. Emotional catharsis can allow the release and possible transformation of many different negative feelings. These may be toxic emotions built up from real life or emotions instilled by the writer.

In Step 1, we looked at various seeds to plant in order to produce the reader emotions of anxiety, fear, and sorrow. The seeds you have planted included character traits, goals and dreams, premonitions and prophecies.

In Step 2, we grew these seeds until they tangled up inside the reader and turned toxic. You grew these seeds by nurturing reader investment in the characters as situations grew progressively worse.

In Step 3, we harvested the negative feelings in dramatic and definitive ways.

In the final step, we will feed the reader with good feelings that result from the harvesting.

Feed Wisely

To sustain reader interest and tension, be sure…

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