Fortnight Friday Fables #1: 06/23/2017

24 Jun
Fortnight Friday Fables #1: 06/23/2017

Ooh… I like a challenge…

Thoughts of Words

Fortnight Friday Fables…

This is a Writing Challenge organize by my dear Blogger Friend Sheetal Bharadwaj at The Glitters of Life. The rules and regulations I’m not going to repeat but will request you to click here

Now, I’m joining her from this week. We’ll alternatively hold this challenge. Her prompt want lighter and happy submission. Mine will be a mixed one. The main “happy” point of my Challenge will be the challenge itself. So, take your time–14 days, remember–and write.

Monsoon has arrived here, to some part of our country, India. So, this week I’ll like to have Haikufrom you on the Monsoon.

Now, remember Haiku is the easy part. The main challengesare the

A. Writing shall not be in a conventional manner i.e. 5-7-5 or free-verse; it shall follow the following pattern–

i. 3-5-3

ii. 2-3-2

iii. 1-3-1

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