28 Jul

Oh yes, we are far more deadly… and we get to write about it. 🙂


Many writers have a signature, that is they are well known for writing particular types of  book. It may be romance, chick lit, psychological thrillers, YA or crime. Then there are those who have a geographical signature – setting their stories in a particular country.  In the UK it could be anywhere from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, Liverpool to London.

When I began writing I didn’t realise  I too would develop a signature.  It happened quite accidentally but when working out my plots it seemed my stories always worked well if the person causing all the trouble was female.  In fact, to date, I don’t think there has ever been a bad male character in any of my books.  The inspiration for this kind of woman probably stemmed from watching too many episodes of Dynasty in the 1980s.  Joan Collins as Alexis Carrington really cornered the market where bitchy…

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