My ‘5pm Fictions Volume 2′ Collection is free today!

13 Oct

This collection is the second of five featuring the first fifty stories written at one a day for nearly a year. It is free today, Friday 13th October.

There are criminals, victims, revenge, men in uniform, luck and misfortune, sharp edges, sticky red hands, no faded circle of skin. We meet a generous aunt, a fan of Hawaiian shirts, a modern-day Cleopatra, and a young girl with wings.

Download for free for (this link leads to the Amazon store in your country) and you can see the writing prompts that inspired these collections at can see the writing prompts that inspired this collection at

Below is the first story in this collection:

No Threat to Customers

They had a plan: stagger their arrival so it wouldn’t look suspicious. Trev would go in first, pretend to open a new account while Sean queued up with a bag of change so it looked as if he was paying in money. Barry would burst in like a lone gunman who could be overpowered by the customers, given the chance.

They’d all be wearing black – nothing strange about that – baggy tops with pockets to conceal their guns.

Trev would already be seated, ready to tell the employee that he had a gun under the table, nudge him or her with it to drive home the point.

Sean would grab the nearest customer and, arm round neck as swimmers do when pretending to save a life, growl in her ear… a woman, easier target.

Trev was the quiet one, the negotiator, who had got them out of more than one sticky situation.

Barry was the newest but liked the drama. He’d sit in the van with Chris, who kept the engine running just in case, then wait ’til half past and pretend to be a character from The Sweeney that he’d watched with his dad all those years before.


Dennis Talbot, Greenslade Bank’s Manager for over thirty years, didn’t like change but when Greenslade Bank’s head office appointed a new Chairman, Mick Daniels, he’d nodded at the letter and filed it away.

When a letter came through talking about new uniforms, Dennis had nodded at that too, and put it with its predecessor. He mentioned both at the weekly staff meeting and nodded again at the rumbles amongst his colleagues.

Informed of the fire drill, he and his deputy led out everyone out of the building when the alarm went off.


When another letter told of a simulated bank robbery, the nod was accompanied with a tut, but Dennis passed on the information to his colleagues. ‘No threat to customers’, the letter had read and it was again filed away.


The fact that it was raining when they got there didn’t matter, they’d coped with rain, and everything was going to plan until the woman Sean grabbed decided to put up a fight. Sean flung her to the ground in an instant but not before Barry had fired a shot into the bank’s ceiling.

“Hey!” Dennis the bank manager shouted. “Mr Daniels didn’t say anything about this.”

“Who?” Barry asked, before lowering his shotgun.



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